The Upscale Baby Blog reviews "Träum süß, Baby"

The Upscale Baby Blog has written a review of the CD "Sweet Dreams: Soothing Sounds for Babies". Read the whole article: "It’s common knowledge that many babies love the sounds of ordinary household appliances: the vacuum cleaner, fan, perhaps even the dishwasher. Niko Chainopoulos of Babysounds has come up with an ingenious idea: record these sounds and put them onto a CD especially for babies. Called “Sweet Dreams: Soothing Sounds for Babies,” this CD has nine tracks consisting of about seven minutes each of sounds of appliances including the vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, dishwasher, washing machine, breast pump, running shower, and fan. The concept behind this CD is that while in the womb, babies hear these sounds on a daily basis. Therefore, these sounds tend to calm fussy babies, it is said, since they are used to hearing them before birth. I’m not sure if this really works or not, but it is a unique idea. If you’d like to try it yourself, you can purchase the CD for $14.97 or download the MP3 for $9.99 at"

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